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Sunday afternoon, August 4, 2013...
After a CRAZY 10 days my incredibly talented and dedicated web team helped me design, test (barely) and launch www.thenvas.com! I am currently headed down to the NYC meetup and look forward to introducing this to everyone. In the meantime, thanks in advance for your patience with us while we work out all of the bugs and browser display issues you may run into. If you find a bug, please feel free to tweet at us: @thenvas.com.

Meet Jed, Founder of The NVAs...

I am working on securing real advertisers to fill in those banner ad spaces. I know, banner ads suck. But I'm just a guy from Ithaca NY with goal of raising enough money to keep the The NVAs FREE to use and put together some real purses for THE BATTLE competitors (i.e. monetize your vine famousness)

COMING SOON: Please expect a few site updates, the winners announced for our very first rounds of contests, and a few other goodies. Media inquiries: We will have a press release launched tomorrow, Monday 8/5. For all sorts of logo files, please visit our Flickr photostream here. If email is your thing try hello[at]thenvas.com. Stay tuned...